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Key Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Next Rack Power Distribution Unit.
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Key Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Next Rack Power Distribution Unit.

IT requirements drive the need for IT technology. This is true for power distribution as well. These five points highlight some of the decision making process when purchasing your next rack PDU.

  1. Need for voltage/current draw per circuit
    Sizing of the unit is critical for supporting the IT equipment it will supply power to. Rack PDUs come in many voltage/current configurations. It is important to analyze your current IT voltage/current requirements as well as future requirements when sizing a power distribution unit.
  2. Voltage/current needed per outlet
    Much like the ability to choose a unit based on circuit size, many PDUs offer the option of having multiple outlet configurations within the strip. The decision on choosing this type of PDU is dependent on the type of IT equipment the unit will support. These types of PDUs can typically support multiple amp circuits and some even support multiple voltages such as 120v and 208 circuits.
  3. Need for remote outlet control
    Remote outlet control is a unique feature that allows authorized users to control the state of an outlet. While used typically in remote access situations, it is a very valuable feature for anyone who needs power control of their IT device. Security & access control are critical with this type.
  4. Need for advanced monitoring of circuit/outlet
    While an out-level type of power distribution unit is the most advanced on the market, it can be used anywhere from a server closet to a data center rack installation. Its ability to monitor current flow per circuit and/or outlet becomes very valuable to server rooms that need an up to date status of the state of the power to the IT equipment. Typically, these types of units also support historical trending as well as alert notifications for values that fall outside predetermined thresholds. This is usually accomplished through dedicated software management applications, direct web interfaces, or SNMP.
  5. Size and form factor
    While horizontal PDUs are universal across standard racks, care must be taken when choosing a vertical or 0U unit. It is critical that the vertical PDU be compatible with the rack’s configuration. Since vertical PDUs vary in dimension, configuration should be carefully considered.
Classification Quick Reference “Features at a Glance”
  Basic Metered Monitored Switched Outlet Level
Horizontal Mount x x x x x
Vertical Mount x x x x x
Local Amp Meter   x x x x
Remote Monitoring     x x x
Environmental Monitoring 
(Rack Temperature & Humidity)
Some Models x x
Measure Consumption at Individual Outlets         x
Remote Control
Set SNMP Thresholds and Alerts Some Models x x
Remotely Reboot Servers       x Some Models
Turn Off Outlets/Groups of Outlets       x Some Models
Group Outlets for Dual-Corded Device       x Some Models
Intelligent Load Shedding       x Some Models
Outlet Power Up Sequencing       x Some Models
Consider this style: To power equipment at a low cost To reliably load and balance circuits To monitor remote sites without the cost of control To manage a distributed network of data centers and remote offices To precisely quantify and trend your IT load

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